Exhibition Review | Newest designs coming, New Products of SITONG Received High praise at the Canton Fair.

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On October 15th, the 130th Canton Fair grandly opened in Guangzhou. Merchants from both domestic and foreign countries gathered at the Canton Fair, an important trade promotion platform, to celebrate the grand event together.

Adhering to the theme concept of "Guangjiao World, Mutually Beneficial World" at the Canton Fair, Sitong Ceramics is based on a new stage of development, implementing new development concepts, constructing a new development pattern, and promoting high-quality development. With the goal of creating a "global supplier of home and life ceramics" and the focus on "online+offline" synchronization, we firmly seize the sales opportunities of the 130th Canton Fair, fully showcase the new image and new products of the Sitong brand to domestic and foreign merchants.

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This Canton Fair, Sitong Ceramics meticulously organized and coordinated the exhibition of three major categories of new products: tableware,home decor and sanitary ware. At the tableware exhibition booth, the company showcased new products of daily ceramics, including the latest research and development of kiln art glaze series, kiln art glaze hand-painted series, and medium temperature enhanced elegant pattern series.


At the home decor booth, the company showcased new home decor products such as the light luxury handmade frosted series, minimalist style vase series, and ocean blooms series.

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Newest designs at home decor booth.


At the sanitary ware booth, the company showcased the latest developed and designed high white, easy to clean sanitary ware, stain resistant and wear-resistant sanitary ware products, which have received widespread praise from domestic and foreign merchants.

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Newest products at sanitary ware booth.

On October 15th, He Guangyan, Deputy Secretary of the Chaozhou Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, led a team to inspect our company's exhibition booth for process home decor and sanitary ware. He gained a detailed understanding of the exhibition situation, emphasized the need to fully, accurately and comprehensively implement the new development concept, play the leading, supporting and driving role of exhibition platforms such as the Canton Fair, pay attention to the construction of independent brands, strengthen scientific and technological innovation research and development, accelerate the pace of intelligent manufacturing transformation, and actively integrate into the new development pattern of "dual circulation", Injecting surging momentum into the high-quality development of the city's economy and society.


On October 18th, Chen Jianwen, a member of the Standing Committee of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and Minister of Propaganda, visited our company's daily ceramic exhibition booth to understand the application of enterprises for national cultural export key enterprises, brand creation, cultural and creative product research and development, and encouraged enterprises to increase research and development investment, further expanding and strengthening.


Leaders at all levels and customers at home and abroad marveled and praised the ingenious design and precision manufacturing process of Sitong Ceramics; At the same time, encourage Sitong Ceramics to fully utilize the important trade promotion platform of the Canton Fair to continue telling the world the story of Chinese ceramics, spreading Chinese ceramic culture, further expanding brand influence, and striving to design and manufacture more home and life ceramic products with ingenuity, delivering them to thousands of households around the world.

Post time: Oct-27-2021

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